Gramercy Park Residence

Jonathan Dreyfous
Lee Manners
New York, NY

This residence on Gramercy Park North is the result of a brick-to-brick conversion of a 1920s doctor's office duplex. The ground level entrance foyer possessed a 22-foot high ceiling with a narrow footprint. The remainder of the lower and upper spaces were divided into a network of many rooms and corridors. Through the design program, the entire interior was removed to open up the interlocking levels. A ribbon of stairs, hand-blown glass light fixtures and patina steel handrails now connect the ground floor kitchen and dining areas to the living room above. A series of sliding doors and built-in storage millwork act as a buffer for both bedrooms (and accompanying bathrooms) as wells as a two-person office that can be transformed into a guest bedroom when needed. Finishes, hardware, lighting, mechanical cooling systems and crafted materials help create a sense of calmness that prevails as a platform for viewing the lush Gramercy Park landscape.